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ROLLS-ROYCE HOMEMADE STREET SWEEPER, CA. 1930S (22-11-2014 11:00:00)

The world's most famous car brand rolls-royce is also associated with rajasthan. a famous buyer of this car was the maharaja of alwar. he always bought three automobiles at a time. one day during his visit to london, maharaja jai singh was walking in casual dress on bond street. he saw a rolls royce showroom and went inside to inquire about the price and features of their cars. the showroom salesm...

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NEW YORK AERIAL POLICE FORCE STUNT, CA. 1920 (21-11-2014 16:00:00)

1920s, Aerial, funny

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DOG WITH GERMAN SOLDIER EQUIPMENT, CA. 1939 (16-11-2014 15:00:00)

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Photomontage is the process and the result of making a composite photograph by cutting and joining two or more photographs into a new image. sometimes the resulting composite image is photographed so that a final image may appear as a seamless photographic print. here's a collection of interesting and funny photomontages from the past. see more »

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WWI GERMAN STUDIO POSTCARD, CA. 1914-1915 (15-11-2014 09:00:00)


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30 PAINFULLY AWKWARD ALBUM COVERS (11-11-2014 20:00:00)

covers, funny, music

Don't judge an album by its cover. if the music is good, then the cover is irrelevant. this is not the first time we talk about weird album covers. and today we are going to show you 30 more album covers that will make you stop and say "what " if you enjoyed them as much as we did, tell us your favorite in the comments. see more »

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WWI FIGHTERPILOT TRAINING (04-11-2014 09:00:00)

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